Out of Sight, reveals the reality of the service industry that is often camouflaged from the front of the house. As a server in 2017, I became part of a unique community with various counterparts and skills that I both participated in and observed. The happenings of what transpires within communities like this are repeated day and night all over this country. My hope is that these photographs will engender respect, appreciation, and mindfulness for those who serve during a dining experience.
This exhibition is a projection of the University Scholar Program offered by the University of Connecticut. The University Scholar Program is honored as one of the most prestigious awards a student can achieve - 20 students out of 8,000 - allowing them to create their own individualized plan of study to learn more and further develop research and/or creative endeavors. My project is interdisciplinary fusing the art of photography and graphic design, as well as furthering my own knowledge in human rights, sociology and art history. These photographs represent my experiences with my coworkers in the service industry through ethnographic studies and photographic documentation.