'Dislexia' is a typeface inspired after taking the Myers–Briggs personality type test. I am ENJF, a protagonist. This personality is charismatic, reliable, and tolerant but will find themselves being over idealistic, too selfless and thus struggling to make the tough decision. This personality resonates all too well with me, but the inspiration to create a typeface based from my personality brought out who I am. I'm dyslexic, I have never been tested but have always struggled learning in school. Writing a one page paper takes more than an hour. However, my dyslexia has never stopped me from becoming the person I am today and I believe it has trained my left brain to be the artist I am today. 'Dislexia' is a typeface mimicking what it might be like to have this learning disorder. In 4 basic  shapes I have transformed the shapes into letters of the alphabet. The dense, rigidity of the letters hope to simulate what a person wit dyslexia feels when reading words and sentences.